Malta and the Casino Industry

Malta is a hub for the gaming industry. One of the big gaming authorities that license online casinos is situated here, making it a prime spot for those who wish to make a name and career for themselves in the online casino world. However, there are a number of small hurdles that need to be jumped before a full transition to Malta can be achieved.

Before heading to work in Malta, potential workers should note that the Maltese Government requires residency in Malta for six months before they will be allowed to get a job. Happily however, it is not a complicated procedure and rather simply just requires the applicant’s nationality and checking their eligibility.

Sadly for some though, residency can be denied simply based on the applicant’s country of origin. There are many excellent law firms such as GTG Advocates on hand to help with this type of denial, so potential workers need not panic as help will be on hand. The firm has expertise in obtaining job placements in Malta for people from third-world countries.

After residency is established, it is then is up to the applicant to search and apply for jobs themselves in the casino industry. There are many jobs easily to be found on the Malta Gaming Authority page that can help workers find the job they desire. For those that are extra organized, these jobs can be applied for before residency is actually achieved.

Overall, it is a relatively painless process to work in Malta. Most nationalities are simply required to live on the island for six months after which time the work permit will then be granted.