Classic Casino Games

Step into any casino around the world and there is no denying the feeling of being ‘in the thick of it’. The options for gaming are far and varied, but generally the table games follow a common theme, and it’s pretty certain that you’ll be able to play one of the ‘main games’ in any casino. But it’s handy to know just what these games are.

Casino Poker Online


Not so much a game of skill as a test of the player’s confidence. Getting the highest possible score without exceeding a total score of 21, whilst at the same time trying to beat the dealer’s score. And to make it more testing, the dealer has to deal up to 16 before stopping. Exceed 21, you lose the lot.


Poker (any of the variants) is predominantly concerned with testing the player’s ability to ‘bluff’ or remain calm with a higher scoring hand than the opponent. With this game, it truly is a test of skill, which is why it is awash with players who treat the game as a career.


A complete game of chance, and completely odds based, it particularly attracts people who want to gamble for fun.


A complicated game originating from France, and one in which the player wins by amassing a complex combination of cards. Like poker, it attracts players who wish to develop their skills at this game only.

Of course, there are variants of each of the above games, but these four see new and old players come and go to casinos on a daily basis.