Bonuses – The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Online casinos offer multiple bonuses, which on the surface can look great, but are they really? In this article we will weigh up the pros and cons to help potential players make the best decisions when heading online to play.

Most casinos offer welcome bonuses, and these usually take the form of free deposit money. This can be a good thing as it can allow players the freedom to play many games or to try new ones. Of course, there is the simple pro that players now have more money to play with and there are more chances to win. Some of the bonuses also offer free spins; particularly on popular games like Starburst from NetEnt these can provide some experience in the slots whilst offering a win potential.

However, there are also some cons to the bonuses, and help on this can be found at places such as Online Casino Review. Whilst the money deposited by the casino is now technically your money, there are usually quite a few rules and wagering requirements that come with it. It is therefore very important to read what all of these are. Choosing the right casino is an important factor, so look out for guidelines to help in your choice. The Play-Through requirement is the main pitfall that trips up many a gamer. This is simply what is required of the gamer before they can move the money into their real bank account. Many a player can get caught in the trap of thinking they have won, only to not fulfill all the obligations and have the bonus deposits, and the winnings made from it, removed from their account.

At the end of the day the best advice is simply to read the terms and conditions before jumping in head first.